Commission Process

7 easy steps to order your custom and unique piece of art

Step 1: Send Me Your PHOTOS and Prefered Painting Size.

Send me via email at two-three photos and tell me what you have in mind regarding your painting.

Also send me your zip code so we know if you qualify for free shipping!

Step 2: I’ll Send you a QUOTE

You’ll receive an email with the total price and with the recommended size for it to look the best.

Step 3: Make a SMALL Payment of $350

After depositing $350 which it will be deducted from the total value of the painting, you’ll receive 3 sketches of how the painting would end up looking.

Step 4: CHANGES May be Requested

If you’ll like to make any small changes regarding the painting, I can make that happen.

Step 5: AUTHORIZE the Painting

To authorize and initiate the painting you’ll have to pay 50% of the total value.

Step 6: I’ll Keep you UPDATED

You will be able to see how the process of the painting is going through pictures and videos that I’ll send.

Step 7: RECEIVE your Painting

After paying the balance you will receive your painting via mail at NO extra cost.

( If you qualify for it)

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